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Suggested Corrections to the Database (V.4.0)

The fourth release of the database is available now.
I have done my best to get it free of errors.

Anyhow, sometimes several minor adjustments are necessary even after its release. They are listed below.


In order to reduce your amount of efforts to check the details they are sorted chronologously (newest enry comes first).

Version Type Entry Correction Section Date
v2.5 + v2.5.1 msg structures OMB_O27 change name for closing group from OMSERVATION to OBSERVATION 4 07.10.07
v2.3 msg structure MFK_M01 add missing ERR segment 8 10.08.07
v2.5 + v2.5.1 table values 0354, entries OMN_O07 and ORL_O22 change the description for OMN_O07 to O07 and ORL_O22 to O22 (instead of zero) 7.3. 05.07.07
v2.5 + v2.5.1 event R01 the result structure is ACK and not ORU_R01;
furthermore, the link should be corrected to ch07.html#Heading43
7.3. 13.06.07

Other Known Errors

Right now, there are no other known errors.



Last Update : October 7, 2007