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Suggested Corrections to the Database (V.8.0)

The eigth release of the database (hl7_72) is available since the November 2014.
I have done my best to get it free of errors.

Anyhow, sometimes several minor adjustments are necessary even after its release. They are listed below.


In order to reduce your amount of efforts to check the details they are sorted chronologously (newest entry comes first).

Version Type Entry Correction Section Date
v2.7.1 message structures EHC_E01, EHC_E02, EHC_E04, EHC_E15, EHC_E20, EHC_E21, QBP_E03, QBP_E22, RSP_E03, RSP_E22 the message structure in the document contains a group without any indication. The correct representation is the addition of angle brackets. Unfortunately, they were marked as optional and repeating.   22.12.14
v2.8.1 events var should be deleted (it comes from 2.13.1 and is a placeholder for all ACK messages)   22.12.14

Corrections to the Standard and the database

Some errors are caused by the standard and should therefore be treated as technical corrections:

Version Type Entry Correction Section Date

Corrections to the Standard

Some errors can only be adjusted by changing (=correcting) the standard:

Version Type Entry Correction Section Date

Other Known Errors

Right now, there are no known errors.

Type Correction Date



Last Update : Dec. 22, 2014