HL7 - Version 2.2


Annotations and Questions

1. Known Bugs (suggested corrections)

This is a list of all known bugs within the delivered standard. The right column contains a recommendation of how to correct this error in order to get a consistent document:

Page Error description Recommended correction Annotation
2-63 Data-Item 00094   Correct this item to "00090", therefor you can combine it with BHS-10
3-11 Message-Type ADR   ARD ?
It cannot be cleared which type should be used
3-20 Event-Code N01 missing    
3-20 Event-Code N02 missing    
3-20 Event-Code Q03 missing    
3-37 Data-Item 00200 Data type ST, Length 60  
3-40 Data-Item 00212 Data type CM can´t be ST: see 00211
4-3     ACK on Q01/QRM possible
4-4     ACK on Q02/QRR possible
4-8     Field Notes = Table Notes
4-30 danger code Data-Item 00246  
4-40 ODT-2 Lenth 30 -> 60  
4-41 service period Data-Item 00270  
4-47 taxable, Data-Item 00290 wrong description  
4-51 Data-Item 00297, 00298 Data type ST? Data type CE as free text field?
4-51 Data-Item 00299 Component 1: Data type CM
Component 2: Data type AD
4-54 Definition: route of administration, table 0162   Usage of Table?
4-59 RXE-23 Data type ST -> CE  
4-59/61 RXE-15 Data type ST -> NM  
4-62 give rate units Data type CE vgl. 4-71
4-64 RXD-Segment: Substitution Status correct Item to "00322"  
4-64 RXD-Segment: Total Daily Dose correct Item to "00329"  
4-64 RXD-7 required  
4-65 substitution status total daily dose Data-Item 00322
Data-Item 00329, Data type CQ
4-65 Data-Item 00325, "Prescription number" Data type NM -> ST  
4-68 RXG-11 Data type ID -> CM  
4-68/71 RXG-15 Data type ST -> CE  
4-68 Figure 4-18:
dispense sub-ID
administration notes
pharm. special administration instructions

Data-Item 00334
Data-Item 00351
Data-Item 00343
4-70 administration notes
pharm. spec. adm. instr.
Data-Item 00351
Data-Item 00343
4-73 RXA-11 Data type ID->CM  


2. Questions (and possible answers?)

1. Why is the standard delivered in form of a WinWord document and not as an Access-DB? This would solve a lot of problems implicitly contained within the error list above: Inconsistencies (enumerations, data types), doubled comments and a universal data concept.

2. What is the sort order of the data items within appendix A?

3. Where can I find a list of all tables?

4. Why is the list of event codes (see p. A-5) not complete?

5. Why are the Q-events (Q02/Q03/Q05) and the R-events (R01/R02/R03/R04) undescribed iun detail up to now?

6. Why is the network management not listed within the main chapters? Otherwise the information would be listed within appendix A (events/ message types/ segments)!

7. In contrast to version 2.1 data elements can be used several times!

8. Where and how is "transaction quality" within field "transaction code" (p.6-5)?

9. Only two data items use a recursive data description (CM) with subcomponents. Wouldn´t result a separation to two distinct fields in a clearer description?

4-51: deliver to location, Data-Item 00299
4-60: deliver to location, Data-Item 00299
4-66: dispense to location, Data-Item 00299
4-70: dispense to location, Data-Item 00299
4-74: administered at location, Data-Item 00353

10. "ORU": Event or Message Type?
-> Message-Type?

11. A precise description of CM is missing
00227 (p.4-18): location
00259 (p.4-34) -> components OBX-3, OBX-4 and OBX-5
00631 (p.7-65) -> Definition available, but complicated
00632 (p.7-67) -> Definition available, but complicated
00633 (p.7-67) -> Definition available, but complicated
00634 (p.7-67) -> Definition available, but complicated

3. Annotations

1. The application of tables within a WinWord document is wrong: Therefor it happens that within a print out lines are slipping and misinterpreted. Additionally tables can´t be unloaded! (See p.A-5 and p.A-12)

2. All Event/Message descriptions (but chapter 3) are incomplete so far and are the reason for misinterpretations.

3. The data items are renumbered in contrast to verion 2.1!
a.: There is no reference "old" to "new".
b.: The Numbers are not continuous.

4. Data items can be used within different segments.

3.1. Segments

I found some segments which are not described in detail. They are used within segments but there is no related event:

NCK, NST, ..

3.2. Events/Messages

The relation between messages and events isn´t clear at all. The following list describes a relation which is recommended by the HL7 German commitee:

Event Seite Description Message by the Sender
Message by (answers with)
O01     ORM ACK
O02     ORR ACK
P01 6-2   BAR ACK
P02 6-2   BAR ACK
P03     DFT ACK
P04 6-3   QRY DSR
Q01     QRY DSR
Q02     QRY ACK
Q03     DSR ACK
Q05     UDM ACK
R01 7-13   ORU ACK
R02 7-14   QRY ACK
R03     DSR ACK
R04 7-14   ORF ACK

The events M01, M02 and M03 are an exception. Here are three different messages assigned.

3.3. Master-Files

The semantic of events and messages is swapped within the master files: The event refers to a table and the message to the action (query, insert, delete, update).

3.4. Missing Data-Items

I found a lot of data items which do not exist regarding to their numbers. But they were used for previous definitions.


00019 (Message-Control-ID ?!?)
00210 (bed status, compare PV1-40 with NPU-2)
00274 (service period, see 00270)
00427 (insurance plan, see 00368)
00666 (effective date time, see 00662)
00670 (primary key value, see 00667)
00741 - 00766 (not listed within appendix A, Segments NCK and NST within appendix C)

Numbers 00692 up to 00741 are left out.

4. Changes compared the last appointment (German HL7 user group)

Compared with our discussion on 27./28.10.95 some changes should be mentioned:

4.1. Possible Table Values

Table 0064: Entries: "Zuschläge/Abschläge bei Sonderentgelt" "Sonderentgelt in Verbindung mit Fallpauschalen" clearance needed

Table 0175: Split value "OM1-6" to 2OM1" to "OM6"

Table 0024: D: DKG-NT inserted

Table 0174: Values 1 to 5 inserted

Table 0171: 12 entries do not have any value("_1" to "_12" assigned)

Table 0044: P: Privatliquidation inserted

Table 0145: "2PRI", "SPR", and "2ICU" inserted

4.2. Segments

missing Data-Items inserted:

742, NCK-1
743-757, NST-1-15
758-766, NSC-1-9
645, OM4-6

corrections to the definition:

00665: Segment reference MFN => MFA
00108: Length 94 => 48
00144: Length 9 => 3
49064: Length 2 => 1
00325: C => R (required)

Corrections on the Data type:

BLG-3, 00236: CK => CM
DG1-11, 00385: ID => CE
OM1-7, 00591: CE => TX
OM1-23, 00607: TN => TS
IN1-37, 00462: ST => NM
IN2-2, 00473: NM => ST
PRA-5, 00689: ST => CM
PRA-6, 00690: ST => CM
PRA-7, 00691: ST => CM
RXE-23, 00332: NM => CE

4.3. distinct data element definitions

The following table lists data elements the definition of which is inconsistent:

Data-Item Seiten Segments Conflict Reference
00299 4-64, 4-59, 4-50, 4-68 RXD, RXE, RXO, RXG CM « ID Type
00325 4-64, 4-59 RXD, RXE NM « ST Typ
00330 4-64, 4-59 RXD, RXE CE « ST Typ
00351 4-73, 4-68 RXA, RXG CE « ST Typ
00322 4-64, 4-59, 4-68 RXD, RXE, RXG 1 « 20 Length
00325 4-64, 4-59 RXD, RXE C « R req./opt.
00129 129, GSG PID, ZBD Y « N Repetition

5. Annotations to the data base

The data base actually contains the version 2.1 and 2.2. But the corrections - especially the normalisation of the information and the definition of logical data types (data structures) are only done for the version 2.2.

The tables use referential integrity so that only consistent information can be entered. When no table is opened in edit mode a list can be retrieved by the menu "Edit references".

For our work within the TC three views are defined like they are used on our last meeting:

"Attribute sortiert nach Tabellennr, Attributnr"
"Datenelemente sortiert nach Segment, LfdNr"
"Kommentare sortiert nach Segment, LfdNr, Tabelle"

Additionally a few more reports are available to provide the information in another form:

Report Contents
Datenstruktur für Version List of all logical data types with assigned components
Event-Codes (detaillierte Liste) short list of events with assigned messages
Event-Codes (Übersicht) List of all event codes with a detailed list of messages (segments), which are sent by the sender and the receiver.
Mapping Versionen Datenelemente Reference of data elements among different HL7 versions

Last Update: January 17, 2000