HL7 - Version 2.5.1 Final Standard

Suggested Corrections to the Standard Documents


In order to provide the original standard in a database, several changes to the official documents are required. In principal, this version of the standard is mostly in sync with v2.5.1, because only a few chapters have been changed due to the HITSP program by adding a few fields.

1. Error-List (corrected for v2.5.1)

The "errors" listed in this section are identified before issuing the final version of the standard.

Table 0550 contains the same code for different descriptions.

2. Error-List

The next table provides a list of changes applied in contrast to the original documentation (Word). These issues are still unsolved.
Anyhow, they must be listed in order to provide the information required to track the differences between the official standard an the database.

Version Type Entry Correction Section Date
2.5 table RAR, RDR, RER and RGR add to table 0003
this item is a little bit tricky, as these "events" are a response to the appropriate Q-events. Therefore, it raises the question whether they should be listed as events at all?
2 15.5.07
2.5.1 message structuresRRE_O12additional NTE segment in und 4.13.1415.5.07
2.5.1 message structures RSP_K21 QUERY_RESPONSE group different attributes
different repeatability
3.3.56/57 15.5.07
2.5.1 message structures QBP_Q13different precision in its specification 5.4.2 15.5.07
2.5.1 message structure QBP_Q13 PID segment in message structure (this is not the case in all other message) 15.5.07
2.5.1 message structure QBP_Q13 RCP before RDF (in all other message it is the other way around) 15.5.07
2.5.1 message structures QBP_Q11 different precision in its specification 5.4.1 15.5.07
2.5.1 message structuresSUR_P09segment ED is unknown 7.11.2 15.5.07
2.5.1 message structure QBP_Q15 does not fit to the definitions in other chapters 5.4.3 15.5.07
2.5.1 message structureT12no SFT segment   15.5.07
2.5.1 message structure QRY_T12 makes use of standard QRY message   15.5.07
2.5.1 message structure RSP_K11 different definitions,, 5.4.1, 15.5.07
2.5.1 data element 00129 - citizenship data type CE 15.5.07
2.5.1 data element 00217 wrong length, correct is 427 (almost all data elements of type EI do use wrong length) although FT1-23 use the correct length, it is set to 22 because all others use this length 15.5.07
2.5.1 data type EI allmost all elements are using the wrong length, the correct one is 427.   15.5.07
2.5.1 table 00347 different names for this table: "Auto Accident State" => "State/Province" 15.5.07
2.5.1 table0323 this table is defined twice, but "X" appears only once + 15.5.07



Last Update: May 16, 2007