HL7 - Version 2.5 Final Standard

Suggested Corrections to the Standard Documents


In order to provide the original standard in a database, several changes to the official documents are required. These changes are introduced as proposals for the next release of HL7 v2.6.

1. Error-List (corrected for v2.5)

The "errors" listed in this section are identified before issuing the final version of the standard.

1.a) Formatting Issues

This list represents they "typos" in a layout sense and are corrected within the provided final documents. Some of them are almost invisible to the reader:

Section Correction use "Normal Indented" for the definition
2.5.16 FHS: attribute table contains empty row assign "Other table" style (2 times) MSH-17 Country code: separate paragraph above and use style "HL7 Table Caption"
2.A.9 wrong index information in heading
2.A.9.8 User-defined Table => apply correct style for header
2.A.12 CSU.1 length "6 0" => "60"
2.A.80 VH.3 + VH.4: wrong numbering of components Figure 3-2: uses style "Other Table Caption" => "Standard" Figure 3-6: uses style "User Table Caption" => "Standard" (2 times)
4.22 style "Attribute Table Caption" is used instead of "Standard" RCP in message table uses wrong style (AttributeTableCaption => MsgTableBody)
5.2.4 style "Attribute Table Caption" is used instead of "Standard"
5.2.4 furthermore, HL7 Table Caption is used instead of "Other Table Body"
6.5.5 GT1-55: attribute table contains empty row
6.5.12 ABS: below the table is an invisible paragraph "Attribute Table Caption" => index information moved upwards and paragaph deleted introduce HL7 table 0487 specimen type Table 0491: use style "User Table Caption" Table uses wrong styles wrong use of apostrophes!
7.16.6 OBX wrong caption (missing "-") table 0324: use style User Table Caption table 0268: use style User Table Caption introduce user table 0463 Inventory Number: use style User Table Caption
9.9.4 CON-18: no prefix "HL7 table" table 0372: use style "User Table Caption" table 0374: use style "User Table Caption" table 0375: use style "User Table Caption" table 0377: use style "User Table Caption" table 0368: use style "User Table Caption" table 0387: use style "User Table Caption"

1.b) Contents Issues (done within database; NOT done in 2.b yet)

This part identifies the required changes as they are applied to the contents of the database. They are not done within the standard documents and need correction in the next release. This list has been submitted to the proposal database before the Memphis Working Group Meeting in September 2003.

Section Correction NK1-11: delete table information for Job Code/Class (it is done via component definition!) RXE-2: can only assign one table for CE (proposal: introduce new field)
4 + 7 OBX-8: Abnormal Flags: Datatype "ID" or "IS"? => "IS" table 0347 "Auto Accident State" => "State/Province"
7.16.x delete example tables for OBX from data resp. mark them as examples in document OM1-44 delete assigned tables 0256 and 0257 (proposal: define specific data type instead of TX!) LCH-5: split into 3 different fields! (=proposal) (therefore the assigned tables are deleted!) set OBX-5 data type to "varies" instead of "*" and length from 0 to 99999 set OBX-8 data type to "IS", it is a user-defined table set OBX-12 from "Date Last Observation Normal Values" to "Effective Date of Reference Range"

2. Error-List (Detected after publication; proposals for v2.6)

This part of the list identifies all changes which are necessary for the preparing the database. They are detected after publication of the final standard and must therefore be submitted as proposals for the next release.
It includes the contents of 1.b).

Some of these changes have been applied to the documents and are submitted to the editors therefore.

2.a) Formatting Issues (applied without edit-mode)

Again, there are some formatting issues:

Section Correction introduce "-" in middle column of table for "withdrawn" elements
2.7.6 use "Other table body" as style for table use "Standard" as style for image
redraw as Word Image for HTML file usage
4.23 re-order table 0119 to make description 2nd column use "Word Images"
11.3.7 in ACK message style Index4 is used instead of MsgTableBody reformat as image within a text row
13.4.4 reformat as image within a text row

2.b) Contents Issues (to be checked by editors/TC)

Of course, there are some content issues I cannot change for my own. They require a checking and correction by the corresponding TC.

Section Correction
1 check and adjust names and addresses of editors define message structure identifiers for message
5.10.x.y define message structure identifiers for all messages
8.9.1 check repetitionality of LDP

2.c) Contents Issues (corrected in Edit-Mode)

Beside that the content issues which need an investigation by the TC, there are also a few I believe have to correct directly because they obviously can't be true. I have selected those changes which require the fewest amount of changes and maintain the original intend.

Section Correction
3.3.31 Procedure group: ROL segment has one closing bracket ("]") too much
3.3.31 Insurance group: rearrangement of opening and closing brackets
4.13.15 NTE in R0R_R0R has a closing bracket too much
5.4.x delete wrong information from message structure
re-order brackets ("{ [" => "[ {") wrong naming convention for group names (underscore at wrong place) PV2 closing bracket too much RSP_Z82: PV1 is not an optional segment RSP_Z86: AL1 is an optional and repetitional segment PV2 closing bracket too much Z91: result message is Z92, but not Z94
6.4.3 P03: one closing bracket to much for NTE
6.4.9 P12: wrong use of styles for PR1
8.9.1 define correct and complete message MFR_M05 instead of fragments for replacement
8.10.1 ditto. for MFR_M04
8.11.1 ditto. for MFR_M06 (check brackets) and MFR_M07
groupname is missing, because opening bracket was on same row as OBX
10.4 ACK: bracket for SFT are wrong
11.4.1 RQA_I08: GT1 segment: one opening bracket too much
12.3.6 PRR_PC5: message structure aroung OBR is wrong (misuse of angle brackets)

3. Error-List (Detected after Memphis Working Group Meeting; proposals for v2.6)

This section introduces all changes which have been identified after the Working Group Meeting in Memphis in September 2003.

3.a) Formatting Issues (not-applied without edit-mode)

Once more, there are a few more layout issues.

Section Correction
a lot of "Hidden" paragraphs (style) in the message table => convert to "Msg Table Body"

3.b) Contents Issues (proposals for v2.6)

Again, some contents issues:

Section Correction
4.13 define Conformance Statement Header for Queries Q26 to Q30
8.13.1 structure MFD_MFA as used in example is not defined!

introduce segment "Hxx" for any HL7 defined segment (there is an empty cell in the segment column)
14.3.1 NMR_N01: the structure cannot be parsed due to grouping (see NMD_N02)

3.c) Missing Groupnames

Groupnames are a new construct officially coming with v2.5. Some of them need adjustments:

Section Correction
all choices => CHOICE
9.8.1 DOC_T12: => RESULT

3.d) inconsistent changes among the versions (requires verification by ARB)

Migrating the new groupnames to all other versions I could identify a lot of inconsistencies among the all versions. They are very complicated so that I couldn't provide a workaround. The database contains them as is!
I suppose the ARB have to check them.

Message Structure Version Comment
OML_O21 v2.4 => v2.5 change of sequence and grouping
ORL_O22 ditto. ditto.
RSP_K22 v2.4 => migrated to RSP_K21
OMS_O01 + OMN_O01 v2.3.1 => OMN_O07: structure change???
RDO_O01 v2.3.1 => OMP_O09: structure change???
MFM_M08 v2.3.1 => v2.4 + v2.5 structure change: group for OM2, OM3, OM4 is missing (groupname = MF_NUMERIC_OBSERVATION)
NMD/NMQ N01/N02 v2.2 => v2.3, v2.3.1, v2.4, v2.5 N01 and N02 are switched!
ORF^R04 v2.2 => v2.3, v2.3.1, v2.4, v2.5 grouping changes

3.e) Errors in Message Structure

There are also some simple errors hidden in the message structures:

Section Message Structure Correction
4.20.5 BRP_O30 missing closing bracket for PATIENT, 5.4.1, .. QBP_Q11 is used several times with different structures!,, .. QBP_Q13 is used several times with different structures! RTB_K13 closing bracket for ROW_DEFINITION instead of opening

SIU_S12 groupname for closing bracket RESOURCES assigned to wrong row RSP_Z90 closing bracket for VISIT instead of opening

3.f) Blanks in Groupnames

Finally, some message structures contain a blank in their groupname. I have changed the blanks to an underscore:

REF_I12 (2x)
RSP_Z86 (2x)
SRM_S01 (6x)
SRR_S01 (3x)
11.5.1: "PATIENT VISIT" => "PATIENT_VISIT" (underscore!)



Last Update: October 7, 2003