HL7 - Version 2.6 Final Standard

Suggested Corrections to the Standard Documents


In order to provide the original standard in a database, several changes to the official documents are required. In principal, this version of the standard is mostly in sync with v2.6, because only a few chapters have been changed due to the HITSP program by adding a few fields.

Corrections to the standard and changes within the HL7 database

1. Unsolved Issues

This document summarizes the discrepancies of the database to the standard documents.

1.1. Problems detected so far without any solution

This table lists the issues without any solution. It should be used for discussion:

8MFK_M01UAC segment is missing in some messages!Insert?ClosedNot allowed M01 is retained for backward compatibility
2Adatatype TQwhich is the correct length? a lot of long componentsopenStill need clarification. Where is this inconsistent? table 0070?openDo you mean in the table at 4.5.3? yes + 7.18.4table 0487user or HL7 table? User-defined because CWE!openGetting feedback from Hans
5.4.1QBP_Q11EVN is used, nowhere elseopenWaiting on feedback from co-chairs 5.4.1 4.13.20QBP_Q11different structure:5.4.1: uses EVN(see above)openWaiting on feedback from co-chairs message structure IDopenWhat do you think it should be?fo: don't know, is specific to this query; replace Znn by something else
2.A.9.7table 0360Message Type with different definitionsopenInconsistent Definition between chapters or within same chapter for same field. Would recommend errata. + 7.18.4table 0487different definitions for same value:DRN, AUTOC, GRAFTopenThere are no definitions in How is this different?fo: should refer to 7.18.4
4.23.6table 0550different definitions for same valueNP, NOSE, PAROT, THORA, UMBLV2.7 proposalWould recommend V2.7 proposal to vocab. Some of these look valid to me and published like this in 2.5.1.
7.15.1+2 define message structure for ORU_W01 and QRF_W02V2.7 proposalWould recommend V2.7 proposal.
This was published like this in 2.5.1. Waiting for feedback from co-chair

1.2. old, but unsolved issues

7.11.2:EDis an unknown segment - this is a very old issueClosedN/A - this may be a technical error, this event and message are deprecated. No change allowed.

2. Changes within the docs and database

2.1. Problems solved by changing the documents

This section is still in discussion whether to apply the changes or to rollback.

2.16.1table 0076deleted: SDS, SLS, SMS, STSclear technical correction as this table reflects the rest of the chapters. 
2.16.2table 0003corrected comment: E30, E31corrected description: S28, S29clear technical correction as this table reflects the rest of the chapters. 
2.16.3table 0354OMN_O07: 007 to O07
ORL_O22: 022 to O22
QBP_E03: added event
QBP_E22: added event
RSP_E03: added event
RSP_E22: added event
added RSP_Q11
corrected structures for S28, S29, S30, S31, S34, S35, S36, S37
clear technical correction as this table reflects the rest of the chapters. (see also next rows) 
2.16.3table 0354changed value ADT_A13 to ADT_A12 Waiting on response from co-chairs. I sent email to respond.
2.16.3 + 3.3.55table 0354changed MsgStructID from ADT_A55 to ADT_A54 Waiting on response from co-chairs. I sent email to respond.
2.16.3table 0354changed ORP_O38 to OPR_O38 (see 4.4.15)This is a clear typo.clear typoWaiting on response from co-chairs. I sent email to respond.
2table 0396replaced by Ted's version + German additions.(Discussed in TCs and several emails.)accepted by VocabAdded to 0396 on HL7 website
2 + 8:table 0396adjusted years for ICD, OPS, GDRG (German Modifications) to 2006/2007/2008accepted by VocabAdded to 0396 on HL7 website.
2.14.8:MSA-2message control id: set length to 199 to be in sync with MSH-10, otherwise the standard cannot work.technical correctionWaiting on response from co-chairs. I sent email to respond. 0200:added "K" = artist nameclear typoWaiting on response from co-chairs. I sent email to respond. 0369:added E, F, G, L, O, V (see Waiting on response from co-chairs. I sent email to respond. + + length to 705ClosedNot allowed - retained for backward compatibility. This change will have to be backed out. 0296renamed table 0296 to be in sync with and changed value to "no suggested values" Ok, but the reference is still incorrect in the message definition above the table.

2.2. Problems detected and corrected by ARB/TSC decision

SectionIssueCommentStatus Status STF-17: length to 705accepted RaceSTF-27: length to 705accepted Ethnic GroupSTF-28: length to 705accepted CitizenshipSTF-30: length to 705accepted
16:RFIRFI segment is used in messages, but is never defined. Instead RTI segment is defined with the same name.The less amount of changes is to use RTI in messages as well, but the correct solution should be to use RFI!accepted

2.3. Problems detected and corrected after our discussion in db only

This changes should be brought forward as proposals for v2.7.

2.3.1. Chapter 16 uses logical groups without any indication

Adding "<" and ">" (as a choice out of one) into the segment column for messages solves this problem.

SectionMessage Structure

2.4. problems detected and corrected after our discussion in db and docs

16.3.2:EHC_E02:wrong grouping for PSS, one "{" too much
16.3.5:EHC_E04:groupname PSG => PRODUCT_SERVICE_GROUP
16.3.10:EHC_E20:ADJ has wrong closing bracket
9.5.2/6/8/10:MDM_T02:adjusted opening bracket for OBX.Groupname still missing

3. Changes within the database on v2.6 only

3.1. RSP_K11

Different Message structures are defined:
[{ SFT }]   
[  [
]  ]

Section 5.4.1 is selected to be correct for the database.

3.2. QBP_Q13

Seq No5.
8  ]   [DSC] 
9  [RDF]     
10  RCP     
11  [DSC]     

Section seems to be correct for the database.

3.3. QBP_Q15

Seq no5.
7 RCP  
8 [DSC]  

Section seems to be correct for the database.

3.4. ADT_A30

3.3.30:added ARV behind first PD1deprecated eventerror
3.3.34correct - no change necessary though this event is deprecated eventok
3.3.35:added ARV behind first PD1error
3.3.36correct - no change necessary though this event is deprecated eventok
3.3.47in use - no change necessaryok
3.3.48:added ARV behind first PD1deprecated eventerror
3.3.49:added ARV behind first PD1error

3.5. ADT_A01

3.3.13:added ARV behind first PD1should be in sync with A01 as the master.error

3.6. ADT_A43

3.3.43:added ARV behind first PD1to be in sync with A44error

3.7. ACK^A18

3.3.18:ACK^A18: added UACThe event is deprecated. Nevertheless, the acknowledgement should be in sync with all others.error(typo)

3.8. MFK_M01

8.4.1added UAC 
8.8.2added UAC 

3.9. QRY^PC4

12.2.5:added SFT + UAC to QRY^PC4 

3.10. RRE_O12

4.13.14:vinserted [{NTE}] after RXE to be in sync with is the master message definition. It seems that the change hasn't been applied to all occurrences. 

3.11. ORU_R01

SectionCommentStatus ROL behind NTE to be in sync with 7.3.1 OBX in PATIENT group 

Last Update: November 18, 2007