HL7 - Version 2.7 Final Standard

Suggested Corrections to the Standard Documents


In order to provide the original standard in a database, several changes to the official documents are required. In principal, this version of the standard is mostly in sync with v2.6, because only a few chapters have been changed due to the HITSP program by adding a few fields.

Corrections to the standard and changes within the HL7 database

Quite happily, during balloting and in the pre-publication process most of the open issues - which were highly related to typos - have been resolved, so that this list is pretty short. Nevertheless, there are still some issues to report.

For the old issues, the user should check for the resolution of previous versions.

1. Unsolved Issues

This document summarizes the discrepancies of the database to the standard documents.

1.1. Problems detected so far without any solution

An important issue to mention is the appearance of withdrawn elements. Here no information about the different attributes is available any more. Nevertheless, for some usages in other segments they are still necessary. Hence, they are listed in the database.

Where in one of the message structures all or at least Z-segments are possible, a placeholder like "Hxx" for HL7-defined segments and "Zxx" for Z-segments is introduced.

1.2. old, but unsolved issues

An old but still open problem is with the different message structures for Q11/15/17 and K11 events. They are still not consistent due to "unknown extensions" to the proposed structure.
However, within the db the structures must be reconciled.

1.3. problems without any impact

As before, some segments are specified, but never used:

2. Changes within the docs and database

3. Changes within the database on v2.7 only

 QRD, QRF, URD, URSSegments have been deleted with their definitions, but not from the messagesCommentopenadd as placeholder
 Z-eventsquite a lot of Z-events are specifiedopenthey are added to the events table,
this includes also the message structures
 RXE-2, STF-2, STF-19, OM1-44, LCH-5two or more tables are assigned to the fields, but not to the componentsopenthey are not added to the db
 old and events for future usethose events are not listed in table 0003openthey are added to table 0003
the same applies to the message types and structures
 MSGlength is defined as "3,7"openthis can only be stored as min=3 and max=7
16EHC_E10, EHC_20, EHC_E24adjusted message structure definitionclosedconverted "[" + "{" into "[{"
9.6.2MDM_T02segment group without a nameclosedcopied "OBSERVATION" from previous version

Last Update: April 4, 2011